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Credit Rating AA Hotline 017-5566-0328
Board of Directors
Mr. Nawaz Ahmad, 
Chairman Mr. Nawaz Ahmad
Mrs.  Anita Haque, Vice Chairman Mrs. Anita Haque
Vice Chairman
Mr.  Ashit Kumar Das, Director Mr. Ashit Kumar Das
Mrs.  Anita Das, Director Mrs. Anita Das
Mr.  Ashok Kumar Das, Director Mr. Ashok Kumar Das
Mr. Mohammad Jahidul Abedin Mr. Mohammad Jahidul Abedin, Director
Mr. A.H.M. Abdur Rahman, Director
1Mr. A.H.M. Habibur Rahman Mr. A.H.M. Habibur Rahman, Director
Hari Pada Deb Mr. Hari Pada Deb, Independent Director
1Mr. Yahya A Z Khondkor Mr. Yahya A Z Khondker, Independent Director
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