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Credit Rating AA Hotline +880 -2-55049824-30,
Mr. Nawaz Ahmad,Chairman

Mr. Nawaz Ahmad, Chairman of the Board is one of the Sponsor Director and has been with the Paramount Insurance company since its inception. Mr. Ahmad has 38 years of experience in various industry. A successful entrepreneur, Mr. Ahmad is held highly in the business and industrial community for his uncompromising stance for quality and excellence, dedication and a flair for creativity in whatever work he undertakes. He is known for his innovativeness and vision resulting in his involvement in projects in the past, which were new of its kind at the time. He was actively involved in the Textile Industry and Aqua Culture Industry when these were only beginning to gain a foothold in the country. Mr. Ahmad is the Chairman of paramount B-Trac Energy Ltd. and was not a director of any other company.

 He is known in the business sector for the successful implementation of various projects starting from the generation of a mere idea up to its production, marketing and sales. His success comes coupled with the reputation of always remaining committed to any venture he is involved in, with his honesty, integrity, and personal and professional philosophy deeply rooted in strongly held moral principles.

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