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Mr. A.H.M. Abdur Rahman,Director

Mr. A.H.M. Abdur Rahman is the Nominated Director of Paramount Spinning Limited. Our Board of Director in its’ meeting held on 6th January 2020 appointed him as Shareholder Director to represent Paramount Spinning Limited. He was retired and re-elected at the 21st Annual General meeting. He is a Director of Paramount Textile also and is not Director of any other Company.


He is a post graduate in M.S. in Statistics from Shah-Jalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, attended various workshops and seminars in home and abroad. Mr. Rahman is a versatile business personality & has more than 13 years’ experience in Textile, Garments, Energy, Manufacturing, Housing and Agro based industries etc. He is a hardworking and dynamic personality and much known in his arena.


Apart from this Mr. Rahman is a widely traveled man. For enriching his knowledge & intimating with new ideas & technologies; he has visited most of the countries all over the world. He is also a distinguished member of various social clubs. He also engaged himself with various social, cultural & philanthropy activities.

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